"John Conte - Plug him in and bottom is done. You could notice his bass flows with melody or punctuates lyric, but you will be too busy grooving."

– niko bolas
producer, engineer (don henley, keith richards, neil young)

"John Conte is one of the most lyrical and intuitive bass players on the planet. He has a gift for finding the musical road less taken, but always one far more interesting and satisfying, within any given song. John plays every note from the depths of his very soul, all in, as if his life depended on it, the results of which are always an exhilarating and rewarding musical journey for the listener. His playing on the recordings I have worked with him on has been nothing short of inspirational and, in my book, that of a world-class artist."

– andy york
guitarist, producer (john mellencamp, ian hunter, t-bone burnett,)


"John has that rare one-two punch of intuition and nuance.
Knowing just what a track needs from him, and then playing it!
An incredibly diverse musician who feels first and thinks second...
His attention to the big picture is what separates him from
the role of 'bass player.' And that is an invaluable gift to
a producer or to a fellow musician...
John Conte is a friend and ally to any piece of music."

-Kenny White
producer, songwriter (shawn colvin, peter wolf, marc cohn)

“stylish bloke…..makes a nice cup of tea"

- ian hunter (legendary "Mott The Hoople" frontman & songwriter)

"John is one of the most complete musicians that I have EVER had the pleasure to have shared a stage with. He comes with the Whole Package. From his ability to be so Deeply In The Groove to the level of Excitement he brings when he ends up somewhere on the 18th fret. His tone is unmistakable, his time is impeccable and his sense of song put him in a class of his own. Whenever I have a gig for my Entertainment Group John IS my first call."

-Mark Rivera
saxaphone, vocalist (billy joel, foreigner, hall & oates, ringo starr's all star band, )

"I am always very happy to hear that John Conte is going to be the bass player on a job that I get called for. John is one of those players that just "gets it". Great tone, great feel, he knows all the songs that the real cats got to know. And that's a lot of songs. Plus, and this is a BIG plus, John is a very nice guy to hang out with. As a bandleader I would call him for almost anything ."

-GE Smith
guitarist , bandleader (bob dylan, tom waits , hall & oates, saturday night live band)

"John is one of the best bass players I've ever had the pleasure of playing with.....not just a great bass player but more importantly a great musician with an instinct for just the right part and sound to fit whatever music he is involved in. John has a really wide range of musical influences.....and i've scene him come up with just the right part and play his ass off time and time again. A great cat as well...!"

-shawn pelton
drummer (saturday night live band, sheryl crow, jon bon jovi,)

" john entwistle would be proud of you"

- doug wimbish
basist (living colour)

" In the music business, nothing is more prized than "big ears"...the ability to hear a song, take it to heart, embelish it, frame it, and enhance it.....from the heart. In my work with John Conte in settings that have included artists as diverse as Bill Champlin, Nils Lofgren, Jack Blades, John Waite, and many, many others, he has shown himself to be not only a superior musician, but an artist whose ears....and heart.....are Universe-wide. It is always a thrill, and the ultimate artistic pleasure, to be on stage or in the studio with John."

-Christine Ohlman,
Vocalist (The Saturday Night LIve Band)

"John Conte is a rare breed-- He has the rhythmic precision of an experienced studio musician, yet maintains a looser, 'band player' type feel at the same time. All this while generating the kind of enthusiasm we remember from our adolescence"

-John Putnam
nyc session Guitarist NYC