Arena Tour in Germany - Westernhagen Live 2010

10.08.10 to 10.25.10

manheim,stuttgart,munich,frankfurt,cologne,dortmond,leipzig,berlin,hanover,hamburg, Germany

john joins his nyc friends aaron comess & kevin bents as touring bandmates for the return of german superstar marius mueller -westernhagen . here's some background on mr. westernhagen : During the 1990s, Marius Westernhagen ruled the German music scene. He had songs among the Top Ten on the Media Control Charts for 111 weeks during that decade and held Number 1 position for 28 of those weeks. Album after album rose to the top of the music charts and his tours continued to sell out. He began performing in soccer stadiums, something no other German musician had ever done, to accomodate the crowds of fans. Westernhagen also attracted more media attention than had been afforded any other German star. After 20 albums, many of which went gold or platinum, in 1999 Westernhagen took a break from touring. He nonetheless continued to produce albums, including So weit (2000), a "best of" album, and In den Wahnsinn (2003). In 2004, he unexpectedly announced a new tour, which promptly sold out. And the 2005 release of the LP Nahaufnahme marked the sixth time the musician has released an album directly into the Number 1 spot on the German LP charts. Westernhagen was recognized in 2001 with the Germany's highest civilian honor, the Bundesverdienstkreuz, for his numerous years of socio-political involvement and contributions to the nation. He continues to live up to the spirit of the award as one of Germany's greatest and well-known performers in modern times.


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